Special Session on Logic and Foundations of Mathematics

First Congress of Greek Mathematicians

June 25-30 2018


Hellenic Mathematical Society

Date: 27-28 June

Keynote speaker: Yannis Moschovakis (UCLA) (Abstract)

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or here for more information on FCGM-2018.

Invited Speakers

V. Gregoriades (University of Turin) (Abstract)
A. Kakas (University of Cyprus) (Abstract)
P. Karazeris (University of Patras) (Abstract)
P. Peppas (University of Patras) (Abstract)
K. Tsaprounis (University of the Aegean) (Abstract)
N. Tzevelekos (Queen Mary University of London) (Abstract)
S. Zachos (National Technical University of Athens) (Abstract)

Contributed Talks

P. Marantidis (Abstract)
S. Dimopoulos (Abstract)

Organizing Committee

Lefteris Kirousis (N&K U. of Athens) Thanases Pheidas (U. of Crete)
Panos Rondogiannis (N&K U. of Athens) Rizos Sklinos (Stevens Institute of Technology)